Summer / by Nick Barberton

A couple of years ago Simon asked me to make a garden table and seats from an oak that he had planked. The wood was curved from being stacked on a curved floor. Oops. I kept it a year with weights on the curve in the hope of straightening it a bit. It didn't work.

It was time to make it. I chose the straightest planks for the top of the table, The planed out at 40mm. I doweled them with 10mm stainless rod and spaced them with washers. Made crosses for the two legs. I cut the planks for the seats, ripped them to 50mm planks along the curve so that the seats had a curve. Riveted them with 10mm rod and made crosses for the seats. Now they are in the workshop, waiting for Simon to return from holiday. I hope they like them. Here is a cramped photo in the workshop. It is raining now and I need help to get them out onto enough space to take a photo. I am trying to Thatch, but the rain has forced me inside, Hence the blog.