Panel of three Ash planks
 A large turned platter carved in a Chevron fluted pattern and red epoxy in the holes.
Chair in Brown Oak
Music Stand
 I was an artist in residence at the Jam Factory in Adelaide, Australia. We were all designing stools. For me they had to look simple and beautiful and stack. It was February and I was staying in the Artists Residence in the industrial building. The temperature was approaching 40 degrees in the day. The aircon. sounded like a an aircraft engine, so I would get the temperature down to about 24 degrees, switch it off and go to sleep. Wake up when it got too hot and give it another blast. In one of my waking moments I thought of three hexagons on three turned legs. Absolute simplicity. It became the splash stool. Named after the high speed photo of a splash of milk on the cover of the Life Magazine in the fifties.
Leather Deck Chair
 Three metre Garden seat.